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When you come to Webber Automotive, it’s like you’re a part of the family. It’s a fun atmosphere, but it’s also professional as well. We offer everything from automobile sales, to full-service shop, sell off-road accessories, we do a lot of lift-kits wheels, tires, and anything you need automobile related we can handle it.

We’ve got over 50 years of experience sitting right now at the dealership just between the 3 of our front-end employees.

The person you meet when you reach the lot is the same person who will help you fill out your paper work and call your insurance and get things wrapped up pretty quickly for you.

There is no I need to go see my manager, to see if I can sell you the car, we’ll come below marketing pricing so people pretty much know what they are getting for they get here and their calling because of the price on that vehicle.

When we say Webber family we really mean Webber Family. You need a new vehicle, you need an oil change, you need an alignment, you’re a/c’s broke, if you want to be the biggest guy on the street with the biggest truck, we can help you do that.

Find out why others are driving from all around to do business with Webber Automotive. Fast, friendly, and professional. Come, experience the difference for yourself. Give us a call quick or come by today.

Why Honesty is the Best Way to Shop Cars for Sale

When you are planning a trip to the car lot to look at cars for sale, you may feel as though withholding information is the best way to achieve your goal. After all, keeping the sales person on their toes means you’ll get better service, right?

An alternative mindset you may want to consider is being as upfront as possible when shopping cars for sale. Why take this approach? Here are the advantages:

  • One of the top reasons to be honest about your needs when shopping cars for sale is that your salesperson won’t show you cars that you don’t want. Wouldn’t you rather test drive five cars that you love than send back five cars that you don’t?
  • Another reason honesty is your best bet when shopping cars for sale is because you are more likely to get better financing. When your sales and financing team knows what to expect from your credit and affordability, they can more easily negotiate the price of your vehicle to meet your needs.
  • Lastly, if you are upfront with your sales person from the beginning, you are more likely to walk away happy. After all, buying a new car shouldn’t be painful! You should be glad that you got the car you want and that it meets your requirements in a vehicle.

At Webber Automotive, we have some great cars for sale that are ready for you to take for a test drive. Contact us or stop by today to find the best one for you!

Ask About These 3 Things When Shopping Used Trucks

If you need a truck, you may be looking at used options to help you meet your budget requirements while still having a practical vehicle. If so, there are a few things you’ll want to ask about when shopping used trucks to make sure you get what you need and want.

  • Features – Used trucks come with all types of different features, some more useful than others. Knowing which features are important to you before you go in to shop will make it easier to identify what works for you. For example, if you prefer power windows or something with AC, you can eliminate the models without these features.
  • Accidents – Because of the nature of what trucks are used for, asking about previous accidents can be an important part of shopping for used trucks. A fender bender may not look the same on a truck as it would on a sedan, so knowing if a truck has ended up in the ditch may be important for your purchase decision.
  • Age – Just like with most vehicles, the age of used trucks is important. Asking about the year model and any improvements under the hood will tell you a lot about the condition and what you can expect as you drive it off the lot.

Used trucks can be a practical purchase for just about anyone, but at Webber Automotive, we want to make sure you truly get the vehicle you need. Come by and see us to shop our excellent inventory, and we’ll point you to the used trucks that will be great for you.

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